School & Children's Group Visits

Everybody loves a good story, especially children. Storytelling not only educates us and expands our sense of the world, but imparts a sense of wonder—never more so than when the stories are true.

The Philadelphia History Museum prides itself on making the city’s rich past entertaining and relevant to children. Our programs are created and facilitated by experienced museum educators who engage students, share their enthusiasm for Philadelphia’s history and when applicable, link this history with present-day issues.

The Museum’s broad range of curriculum-based programs for elementary and secondary school students are aligned with state and national standards. See our Education pages for more information on Experience Philadelphia! and other curriculum-based programs and to explore the pre-visit materials available online.

The Philadelphia History Museum perfectly complements visits to nearby historical sites. For educators planning school trips, a visit to the Philadelphia History Museum provides lessons that serve as outstanding introductions for social studies units on Philadelphia and American History,  language arts and science.

Planning a School Group Visit

Reservations are required for school and children’s group visits to the Museum. Email  or call 215.685.4836 for details on the Museum’s reopening as it relates to school and children’s group visits.

Size of Groups

In order to provide a quality experience for its visitors, the Philadelphia History Museum limits the number of participants for its group programs.


All school groups are required to bring adult chaperones. The number of chaperones required depends upon the age and size of your group:
Grades 1-4: 1 adult per 5 students
Grades 5-12: 1 adult per 10 students

Scheduled Reservations and Cancellations

Tour groups must arrive at the Museum on time. Tours that arrive late may be abbreviated or rescheduled.


The Philadelphia History Museum’s garden will be open to school and children’s groups during warm months, weather permitting. Arrangements must be made in advance through the Education office. For off-site indoor dining, groups can visit the Bourse Building on Fifth Street between Market and Chestnut streets (call 215.625.0300, ext. 10).